On 19.01.2019 at 7 pm all 2330 marathon starting places were booked. Despite the bigger starting place continent once again faster than last year.

The 30th anniversary Rhön-Radmarathon cycling jersey is a great souvenir of the Bimbach weekend: You can also buy the jersey if you do not attend the marathon. Click here: Link. Orders until 03.03.19 and only online. Pick-up at the event on Sunday afternoon. No shipping.


Dear cyclists,

We, the RSC ´77 Bimbach e.V., are proud to host in 2019 the 30th Rhön Radmarathon on Pentecost, 09.06.2019. For this anniversary we have completely redesigned the routes . We will set new stimuli with the routes and we will inspire you for our region, which we love as cyclists for the varied landscape. We have again put together the most beautiful roads and climbs of the Rhön for you.

In 2019 the routes lead clockwise over the "Open Distances" of the Hessian,Thuringian and Bavarian Rhön and into the Vogelsberg. New focus areas are the southern Rhön and the "Schwarzen Berge" (black mountain). Further details about the changes can be found in the route descriptions.

As in previous years, we offer three route variants for the Rhön Radmarathon with three different distances: BASIC (180 km) , CLASSIC (218 km) and EXTREM (256 km). As a special challenge for the anniversary there is the one-time only route variant E^3 (extreme to the power of three) with 302 km.

Further special features for the 30th anniversary are the one-time increase of the starting place quota for the four Rhön Radmarathon routes by 330 starting places to 2330 and the adjustment of the starting times to take account of the increased number of starters.

The registration portal will open on Saturday, 19 January 2019, at 07:00 a.m.

Besides the Rhön Radmarathon there will again be various shorter bike routes as part of the Rhön Rundfahrt (RTF) on Saturday, 08.06.2019, and Sunday, 09.06.2019: Tour 1 (52 km), Tour 2 (85 km), Tour 3 (113 km), Tour 4 (159 km, exclusively on Saturday, 08.06.), two MTB-/Gravel routes (40 km & 68 km) and a family tour (20 km).

The routes of Tour 2, Tour 3 and Tour 4 have also been redesigned for 2019 and are focused in the southern Rhön. We have reduced the overlap of the routes between Saturday and Sunday and the routes offer more variety for participants who ride on both days of the event. This is of particular benefit to riders who are aiming for the prestigious "Bimbach 400" award and who will complete more than 400 kilometres in the Rhön in just two days!

The award "Bimbach 400" can be achieved in 2019 with three route combinations:

  • Saturday Tour 4 (159 km) and Sunday Tour E (256 km)
  • Saturday Tour 3 (113 km) and Sunday Tour E^3 (302 km)
  • Saturday Tour 4 (159 km) and Sunday Tour E^3 (302 km)

The award does not have to be booked in advance. The award will be given to those who can prove that he or she has ridden the appropriate routes by stamps on the starting card. 

We also offer an anniversary jersey as a memory of the 30th Rhön cycling marathon. For the participants of the Rhön Radmarathon there is the possibility to buy the 30 years Rhön Radmarathon jersey during the registration process. After the opening of the registration there will be the possibility to buy the anniversary jersey independent from the registration process.

PRJ19 002706 3D Prof Bodyfit SS Men front

In 2019 the motto is again: At Pentecost cyclists ride in Bimbach …. of course the Rhön Radmarathon! Not just any cyclingmarathon, but the CYCLINGMARATHON.

With sporty greetings
RSC ´77 Bimbach e.V.

In case of technical issues or questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Please note, that registration is only possible with an german bank-account. Riders without can sign in as usual but have to cancel the registration procedure as soon you have to enter the IBAN number. Please contact us by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.