The 31st Rhön-Radmarathon will take place on 30 and 31 May 2020.

Latest information from 18.01.2020 at 8.57 am: All 2000 starting places for the marathon distances are taken!
Latest information from 18.01.2020 at 11.50 am: The waiting list for the marathon distances is closed!
The accompanying routes can of course still be booked!

Dear cyclists, We, the RSC ´77 Bimbach e.V., are proud to host on 30.05. and 31.05.2020 the 31st Rhön-Radmarathon. We will set new stimuli with the routes and we will inspire you for our region, which we love as cyclists for the varied landscape. We have put together the most beautiful roads and climbs of the Rhön for you.

In 2020, the routes lead clockwise over the "Open Distances" of the Hessian, Thuringian and Bavarian Rhön and into the Vogelsberg. Since 2019, the focus has been on the southern Rhön and the "Schwarzen Berge" (black mountains). For 2020, we have adjusted some parts of the route based on insights from the previous year.

As in previous years, we offer three route variants for the Rhön-Radmarathon with three different distances: BASIC (180 km), CLASSIC (211 km) and EXTREM (258 km). There will be again the possibility to accomblish the EXTREM^3 (301 km) also in 2020, because of the large number of feedback. We offer you probably the hardest event with 300 km in Germany.

The registration portal opens on Saturday, 18th January 2020, 07:00 a.m. CET

Besides the Rhön-Radmarathon there will be again various shorter bike routes as part of the Rhön-Rundfahrt (RTF) on Saturday, 30.05.2020, and Sunday, 31.05.2020: Tour 1 (52 km), Tour 2 (85 km), Tour 3 (114 km), Tour 4 (157 km, exclusively on Saturday), two MTB routes (40 km and 68 km) and a family tour (20 km).

Bimbach 400 is the special award for those riders who succeed in completing more than 400 kilometres in the Rhön in just two days! In 2020 the award "Bimbach 400" can be achieved with three different combinations: Sat Tour 4, Sun Tour E OR Sat Tour 3, Sun Tour E³ OR Sat Tour 4, Sun Tour E³. Here you can register in one step for Bimbach 400 (Saturday and Sunday)!

In 2020 the motto is again: At Pentecost cyclists ride in Bimbach …. of course the Rhön-Radmarathon! Not just any cyclingmarathon, but the CYCLINGMARATHON.

With sporty greetings

RSC ´77 Bimbach e.V.

P.S.: If you want to spend some time until the opening of the registration portal have a look at the video of the anniversary edition: