That was madness!!!

The chairman of the RSC Bimbach Frank described it with one word: "Mega!" Right at the front of the "mega" were you guys. You make it easy for us to put on the best event possible and it is our motivation when we notice that you like it. No grumbling in the queue and when we make a mistake, you are always understanding. 5,300 male and female riders were on the road on our nine routes. And it's nice to see that the number of women who took part in the marathon has increased by 10% since last year. There were about 300 of them. Keep it up, girls!
Of course, the weather was also great, so we hope you came home safely without sunburn or other injuries. We wish you a great season and maybe we'll see you at one or the other event. We're glad you were there.
Your RSC Bimbach

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