Hello community!

We hope you can already train diligently and prepare for what we hope will be a good cycling season. This will probably start a little later, as the organisation of RTFs, races etc. will probably still be largely ruled out in the spring.
Especially if you are planning a major sporting event yourself, you have to make difficult decisions early on.
Therefore, this year it will simply be said:
Unfortunately, it is impossible to hold our event at the end of May, because it is already foreseeable that we will not be able to obtain the relevant permits at that time.
So we had to decide between the alternatives "cancel or postpone". And because we already had to do that with the cancellation last year, it was clear to us that we would get Plan B out of the drawer.

And it looks like this:
The Rhön Cycle Marathon and the RTFs and CTFs (Rhön Rundfahrt) will take place this year on our alternative date on 10 and 11 July, which was planned due to Corona.
The cycling marathon routes will be offered on Saturday and the RTF/CTF routes will be offered exclusively on Sunday.
We hope that by this weekend the situation will have eased enough to make it possible to hold the event. Of course, safety and health are the top priority for all participants.
We have therefore developed a comprehensive hygiene concept, which we are constantly developing and adapting to the respective requirements.
But we want - if it is somehow possible - to hold the event this year, otherwise we would miss something - we would miss you!

Important information: The registration portal will open at the end of March. You will receive information on this and other important details in good time.

The most important changes:

- 1,500 starting places on the marathon distances (instead of 2,000)
- Saturday, 10 July 2021: Marathon distances (180, 211, 258 KM)
- Sunday, 11 July 2021: RTF (family tour, 52, 85, 114 KM)
- CTF (MTB 40 KM) will be offered on both days.

With this in mind: stay healthy and hopefully we will see you on 10/11 July in Bimbach.

(Not only) Whitsun in Bimbach!
Your team from RSC '77 Bimbach.


Bild Pfingsten fhrt man in Bimbach 2