Legal notices
There is no timing. The Rhön-Radmarathon is not a race!

During the entire event, the road traffic regulations must be strictly respected, in particular StVO §1*. The police control the course and will exclude participants from the event in case of violations**.
The (wrong) behaviour of each individual may result in the Rhön-Radmarathon not being able to take place as usual in the future. You will harm the event and the reputation of cycling with violations!
In the case of serious violations, we reserve the right to expel from the event for the following years.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory. Wearing the back number is mandatory. The participation with the number of another rider is not allowed.

For the location of the checkpoints, please refer to the route guidance. The route guidance is provided with the participants documents and can be viewed online here. A warm meal will be offered in Bischofsheim, please plan your time here! The checkpoints will be closed at the indicated times, which are based on the course closing time.

Track separation
The track separations on Tour C, Tour E and Tour E3 are limited in time and are based on the course closure. The times are announced during the course presentation and are listed on the route guidance. At the announced times, the track separation signs will be removed. Drivers, who nevertheless turn off to the routes, have no entitlement to signs, service vehicles and refreshments.

Course closure
The course closure for the Rhön-Rundfahrt (Tour 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / MTB) is at 18.00 pm in Bimbach. The course closure for the Rhön-Radmarathon (Tour E / C / B) is at 19.00 pm in Bimbach.

Nature Reserves
The route passes through several nature conservation areas. In the area of the nature reserves (marked by signs at the roadside), leaving the road is prohibited. This applies in particular in the area of the Streufelskopf nature reserve (ascent Ellenbogen)


The disposal of waste and packaging along the route is prohibited. All participants are asked to put the waste into the designated bins at the checkpoints.

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*Road traffic regulations (StVO) § 1 Basic rules (1) Participation in road traffic requires constant caution and mutual consideration. (2) Whoever participates in traffic must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or harassed more than is unavoidable, obstructed or annoyed under the circumstances.

**for example:

  • Driving on the opposite side of the road
  • Driving in snake lines
  • Riding more than two cyclists side by side
  • disregard of right of way regulations
  • disregard of traffic lights (e.g. in Bad Brückenau)