Event schedule
All important dates and times are listed on the event schedule, which can be viewed here: Event schedule

The online registration is possible until the end of the starttime. As of today the registration on site can be offered. We recommend to use the online registration. 

Collection of starting documents
The starting documents for the marathon routes and the accompanying routes (RTF) will be handed out at the "Registration" in the start/finish area. The times for collecting the starting documents can be found in the event timetable. The starting documents must be collected in person on presentation of the registration confirmation.

The start documents for the RTF routes will also be issued on site if you register online.

The start number must be worn visibly on the back throughout the event as proof of participation.

Procedure at the start
The starting documents for the cycling marathon routes need to be picked up by the participant at the festival area (“Anmeldung”). The times for pickup are stated in the event schedule. The pickup of the documents has to be done in person and with the confirmation of registration. For the RTF routes, after online registration and payment the start documents will be sent as a PDF file to the e-mail address provided by the participant. The start ticket must be printed out by the participant and brought to the event. It is not possible to pick up/print the start card from online registration on site. For registration at the festivale area, the partcipant will get the starting documents on site. The starting number must be worn visibly on the back as proof of participation throughout the event.

  • Marathon: Please arrive at the start (see map) at your start time, which is noted on your startnumber.  (https://www.rhoen-radmarathon.de/service/lageplan)
  • RTF: You are allowed to start within the time window stated in the event schedule (see above)

Breakfast - Catering
We offer breakfast at the festival area on Saturday from 6.00 am and on Sunday from 4.30 am. No buffet! You will receive coffee, sandwiches and cakes at moderate prices.

Route presentation
The route presentation is still in preparation.

Massage will be not offered in 2024.

Weather- Important note
The Rhön-Radmarathon leads through the heights of the Rhön with its rough climate.
Please consider this when choosing your clothing!

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