All cyclists which are 18 years or older can participate, from 16 years onwards cyclists can participate with approval and in company with their parents.

With registration and payment the participant accepts the following requirements. He accepts that:
•    His personal data will be stored and processed electronically. The data will only be used by us or the BDR (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer). The data will not be handed over to third parties.
•    His Name, Birthday, City and Team will be published in the internet.
•    The organizer - or one of his partners/service providers – will take photos, videos, or TV-recordings of him which can be used without any limitation.
•    The recorded Data will be used for advertising on behalf of the organizer only.

The organizer is free to change the track in case of unforeseeable events or bad weather conditions.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet.

Every participant has to wear the number which was handed out to him. It is strictly forbidden to use the number of another person.

The Start is on Pentecost Sunday splitted in two blocks:
-    Rhön-Radmarathon 258 km at 6.00 - 6.30am
-    Rhön-Radmarathon 216 and 180 km at 7.00 - 7.30am h

A payback of the registration fee in case of nonattendance is not possible.

Track closes:
… at 7:00pm in Bimbach – the parting of ways to the 216 km and 258 km is limited from time point of view. The time is calculated based on the final closing of the track an will be communicated while handing out the participants documents and while the track presentation.

There is no stopwatch. While the Rhön-Ramarathon all participants have to follow the german law (Straßenverkehrsordnung). Because of bad experiences and complaints within the last year, we will report all offence agains this to the police. We will block those person for the registration in the following years.

Our Cycling-Marathon leads you to the mountains of the Rhön with rough climate (highest point of the track 950m above seelevel). Please consider this when selecting your clothes for the day.