This translation of the eligibility requirements only serves to help your understanding. In the case that the translation differs from the German original the German version of the eligibility requirements is solely decisive.

As of: 07 December 2022

1 Date

Saturday 27 May 2023 and Sunday 28 May 2023

2 Start und finish

Festival place Am Hädenberg, 36137 Großenlüder-Bimbach, Germany

3 Type of event

The Rhön-Radmarathon is a cycling tourism event, there is no timekeeping. The Rhön-Radmarathon is not a race!

4 Routes

The offered routes with all data can be viewed on the following page: Tour E, C and B are offered exclusively on Sunday. Tour 1, 2, 3, Family Tour and the MTB route are offered on Saturday and on Sunday. The Tour 4 is offered exclusively on Saturday.

5 Start time and start windows

Tour E, C, B The start window will be chosen by the participant at registration. The start window chosen at registration is mandatory and the participant is obliged to start within the specified time. If the maximum number of participants for a start window is reached, the registration option for this start window will be closed. A subsequent change of the start window is not possible.

Tour 1, 2, 3, 4, MTB and Family Tour, Saturday 7.00 - 10.30 a.m. Tour 1, 2, 3, MTB and Family Tour, Sunday 7.30 - 10.30 a.m.

6 Registration

Registration for Tour E, C and B is only possible online and is only possible up to the participant limit of 2000 starting places. The date of opening of the registration portal will be announced in time on our homepage. There is no claim for a starting place. The registration is only valid with the payment of the participation fee within five bankdays.

The registration for the routes Tour 1, 2, 3, 4, MTB and Family Tour is possible online and also at the festival area. The times when you can register at the festival area are stated in the event schedule. There is no limit of participants for this routes. The registration will be opened at a later point in time than the Rhön-Radmarathon. The date of opening of the registration portal will be announced in time on our homepage. There is no claim for a starting place. The registration is only valid with the payment of the participation fee within five bankdays.

The participant is only entitled to use the services on the route chosen at the registration and within the specified times. Deviating from this, the participant can or must ride a shorter route than the chosen route during the event. Either on the basis of his own decision or if he has not passed the route separation at the specified times.

7 Participation fee and pre-sale fee

The participation fee and the pre-sale fee for the different routes can be viewed on the following page: The participation fee entitles the participant to use the route signage, refreshment at the checkpoints and the route/return service (spare parts are not included) while participating in the event within the stated times. Also included: Finisher present (only Tour E, C, B) and Bimbach 400 award (only Bimbach 400 participants). BDR members are granted a discount. The BDR membership verification must be available at the start for verification. The pre-sale fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

8 Payment

The payment of the online registration is possible via direct debit (only with German bank account) or via PayPal. Participants, which want to pay via direct debit without German bank account, complete the registration until the bank account / IBAN is requested and then cancel the process. Afterwards send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will then receive our bank details for the payment of the participation fee.

9 Participation

For Tour E, C and B, every cyclist from the age of 18 is eligible to start. From 16 years of age accompanied by an adult and with the consent of their parents. For Tour 1, 2, 3, MTB and Family Tour there is no age limit, Minors are allowed to start only if accompanied by an adult and with consent their parents.

10 Replacements and withdrawal

Participants unable to participate are not entitled to any refund of their participation fee and pre-sales fee. A transfer of the starting place to the next year is not possible. The shipping of the finisher present and the Bimbach 400 award is excluded. A transfer of a starting place to another participant in case of prevention or illness is possible until 14 days before the event by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A declaration of assignment of the starting place owner is required.

11 Starting number pick-up

The starting documents for the cycling marathon routes need to be picked up by the participant at the festival area (“Anmeldung”). The times for pickup are stated in the event schedule. The pickup of the documents has to be done in person and with the confirmation of registration. For the RTF routes, after online registration and payment the start documents will be sent as a PDF file to the e-mail address provided by the participant. The start ticket must be printed out by the participant and brought to the event. It is not possible to pick up/print the start card from online registration on site. For registration at the festivale area, the partcipant will get the starting documents on site. The starting number must be worn visibly on the back as proof of participation throughout the event.

12 Time limit

The time limit for Tour 1, 2, 3, 4, MTB and Family Tour on Saturday at 6.00 p.m. and Sunday at 5.00 p.m. in Bimbach. The time limit for Tour E, C, B is Sunday at 7.00 p.m. in Bimbach.

The opening hours of the checkpoints and route separations (Tour 4, Tour C and Tour E) are limited in time and are based on the time limit. The times will be announced during the route presentation and are noted on the route guidance (only Tour E, C, B) and the event schedule.

At the announced times the route separation signs will be removed and then the route sections will be closed. Afterwards the final car will check the route. The participant is obliged to drive on the signposted route. Participants who ride onto the closed sections or are behind the final car will no longer take part in the event and have no claim to signage, service vehicles and refreshments

13 Checkpoints

The location of the refreshment points or checkpoints can be found on the starting card or on the route guidance (only tour E, C and B). The route guidance is included in the starting documents and can be found on our homepage. For Tour E, C and B a warm meal will be offered at the checkpoint in Bischofsheim, please plan your time here accordingly! The checkpoints will be closed at the times indicated, which are based on the time limit. There is no claim to refreshments outside the opening hours of the specific KP as indicated in the event schedule.

14 Changes of the event

The organiser is entitled to change or shorten the route in case of bad weather, construction sites, official orders or other unforeseen events. In the event of force majeure - in particular bad weather, major disasters or pandemics - or official orders, the organiser is entitled to cancel the event, even at short notice. In this case, the entry fee will not be refunded.

15 Duties of the participants

15.1a The rules of the StVO (, the StVZO (, the Generalausschreibung of the BDR ( and the UCI ( apply.

15.1b During the entire event, the road traffic regulations (StVO) must be strictly respected. The police control the routes and will exclude participants from the event in case of violations. The (mis) behaviour of each individual may result in the Rhön-Radmarathon not being able to take place as usual in the future. You harm the event and the reputation of cycling with violations!

15.2 The instructions of police and volunteers must be followed.

15.3 Wearing of an approved bicycle helmet is mandatory.

15.4 Wearing the starting number is mandatory. The participation with the number of another person is not allowed.

15.5 Each participant has to make sure that his bicycle and his gear is suitable and in a technically perfect condition to be used in the event. For the event, repair kit and appropriate tools are to be brought along for the repair of breakdowns.

15.6a The pandemic regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal States of Hesse, Thuringia, Bavaria and the respective districts valid on the day of the event and the hygienic concept of the event must be respected by each participant during the entire event. In the event of non-compliance with the regulations and rules, we reserve the right to immediately exclude participants from the event and to expel persons from the festive place. Certificates of exemption (for example for not wearing a mouth-nose protection) will not be accepted.

15.6b If required by official regulations, the participant is obliged to show all proofs (in particular vaccination certificates and coronatests) that are required for participation in the event according to the legal situation valid on the day of the event.

15.6c If required by official regulations, the participant is obliged to submit, on the day of the event before the start, a written self-declaration regarding his/her state of health with regard to a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection.

15.6d Participation in the event is not permitted to anyone who doesn’t fullfill the requirements which need to be met to paricipate in this kind of events.

15.6e In this case, there will be no refund of the entry fee and the advance booking fee.

15.7 In the event of violations of the duties mentioned, we reserve the right to exclude the participant from the event for the following years.

16 Disclaimer

Each participant rides on his own account, danger and risk. Any liability of the organizer is excluded; there are no claims of compensation. The participant waives any legal claims against the organizer for physical or material damage caused by himself or caused by others. Participants should have liability and accident insurance. The liability of the organiser for a possible infection with respiratory diseases during the participation in the event is excluded.

17 Health and physical requirements

Each participant is aware of the high physical strain and confirms with the registration that he/she meets the health and physical requirements to participate in the event. The organizer explicitly recommends to have a sports medical examination before participating in the event to exclude health risks due to the high physical strain.

18 Eligibility requirements / Data processing / Privacy policy

By sending the online registration form, the participant must declare that he/she has carefully acknowledged and unconditionally accepted the eligibility requirements published on the website in every point thereof. According to Art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, the participant must declare that he/she has viewed said information published on the website and that he/she has been informed as to the compulsory nature of providing consent for the related data processing for the purposes indicated below of the mentioned information. The acceptance has to be provided through selection of the relevant box on the online registration form for the eligibility requirements and processing of personal data. Everybody is aware that failure to provide consent for processing of data for the aims indicated below, will imply the impossibility to proceed with the registration for the activity in question. The data must be complete and legible. The participant agrees that: * his personal data will be stored and processed electronically. The data will only be used by us or the BDR (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer). The data will not be handed over to third parties. * his personal and address data can be handed over to the police and regulatory authorities upon request. * his name, birthday, city and team will be published in the internet. * the organizer - or one of his partners/service providers – will take photos, videos, or TV-recordings of him which can be used without any limitation. * the recorded data will be used for advertising and information on behalf of the organizer only.

19 Waste

The disposal of waste and packaging along the route is prohibited. All participants are asked to put the waste into the designated bins at the checkpoints.

20 Campground

The toilets at the festival site will not be open all day and access will be limited. The toilets will be opened one hour before the first start slot and closed one hour after the end of the time limit.

A campground next to the starting area will be provided free of charge. Camping is only allowed on the designated and marked pitches. The opening hours can be found in the event schedule. The use of the site is at your own risk. When driving on the meadows, the ground must be checked for sufficient bearing capacity; the vehicle owner is liable for any damage that may occur. There is no claim to a camping slot. For the protection of local residents and other participants, it is absolutely necessary to keep the night rest. When departing from the camping grounds please make sure that all tent pegs and objects have been removed.

21 Miscellaneous

Our cycling marathon leads through the high altitudes of the Rhön with its harsh climate. Please take this into account when choosing your clothing! It is recommended that you bring additional clothes and a wind/rain cover for bad weather.