Rhön-Radmarathon - T-Shirt 
Each pre-registered participant of the Rhön-Radmarathon Tour E³, E, C and B will receive a high-quality Rhön-Radmarathon T-Shirt. You will receive the T-shirt and the pre-ordered anniversary jerseys on Sunday from 15:00 pm in the registration area. In 2019 we have decided on a higher quality cotton T-shirt. The quality of the sport T-shirts did not convince us.

BDR Wertungskarte
The scoring points will be added to your BDR Wertungskarte after your return in the registration area

At the festive area you can choose from a variety of food and drinks

Showers, toilets
The location of the showers and toilets can be found on the map here. You will find showers in the gym, in the clubhouse and in the shower containers.
Toilets are located in the gym and in the start/finish area in the clubhouse

Massage possibilities at the festive area on Saturday and Sunday only by appointment. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Departure Wild Camping
When departing from the camping grounds please make sure that all tent pegs and objects have been removed. In the last few years there has been repeated damage to the farmer's mower, who has made the area available.