For the 30th anniversary of the Rhön Radmarathon there are several possibilities to cover more than 400 km. Therefore we decided not to offer "Bimbach 400" as a package. Instead we ask you to book the routes of the desired combination individually.

The award "Bimbach 400" can be achieved in 2019 with three route combinations:

The award will be given to those who can prove that he or she has ridden the appropriate routes by stamps on the starting card. 

Bimbach 400 is the special award for those drivers who succeed in completing more than 400 kilometres in the Rhön in just two days!

In 2019, the newly designed routes will lead clockwise over the "Open Distances" of the Hessian, Thuringian and Bavarian Rhön and into the Vogelsberg. New focus areas are the southern Rhön and the "Schwarzen Berge" (black mountain). We have again put together the most beautiful roads and climbs of the Rhön for you.

We have reduced the overlap of the routes between Saturday and Sunday and the routes offer more variety for participants who ride on both days of the event. This is of particular benefit to riders who are aiming for the prestigious "Bimbach 400" award.

For detailed information, please refer to the individual routes. For the anniversary of the Rhön Radmarathon, 2330 starting places (instead of 2000) are available for the four cycling marathon routes. Please note the changed starting times. The 30 years Rhön Radmarathon jersey can be purchased during the registration process or on its own until 03 March 2019 and only online.

At Pentecost cyclists ride in Bimbach …. of course the Rhön Radmarathon! Not just any cyclingmarathon, but the CYCLINGMARATHON.