Rhön-Radmarathon Tour E³, 302 km, 09.06.2019


At Pentecost cyclists ride in Bimbach …. of course the Rhön Radmarathon! Not just any cyclingmarathon, but the CYCLINGMARATHON.

The Rhön Radmarathon EXTREM^3 (Tour E^3) is our one-time challenge for you to the 30th anniversary of the Rhön Radmarathon. We offer you probably the hardest event with 300 km in Germany.

n 2019, the new designed course will lead clockwise over the "Open Distances" of the Hessian, Thuringian and Bavarian Rhön. Our premise during the planning was to lead the route over mainly low-traffic and attractive roads and to reduce the dangerous locations to a minimum. New focus area are the southern Rhön and the "Schwarzen Berge" (black mountain).

In addition to some well-known climbs, such as the Milseburg and the Ellenbogen, there are many new climbs, such as the Weidberg and the ascent to the Hochrhön from Hausen, the favourite ascent to the Hochrhön of our chief route planner. Two of the three most difficult long climbs of the Rhön are the ascent from Ginolfs to the Hochrhön and the Totnansberg. Followed by the attractive Farnsberg. At kilometre 200 the Große Nickus awaits you, which is in no way inferior to the famous Ebersburg.

As a special challenge the route does NOT lead from Hauswurz along the rivers Jossa and Lüder almost entirely downhill to Bimbach, but to the highest elevation of the Vogelsberg, the Hoherodskopf.

The Rhön Radmarathon EXTREM^3 is a part of the award "Bimbach 400" and together with Tour 3 or Tour 4 on Saturday you reach the necessary 400 km. For the anniversary of the Rhön Radmarathon, 2330 starting places (instead of 2000) are available for the four cycling marathon routes. Please note the changed starting times. The 30 years Rhön Radmarathon jersey can be purchased during the registration process.

Important information for order anniversary jersey - click here!

  • Date: Pentecost Sunday, 09.06.2019
  • Starttime 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.
  • Total distance: 302 km
  • Height difference: ca. 5500m
  • Registration fee: 55€ / 50€ for BDR-members

Tour Properties

Tour date 09.06.2019 05:30
Registration Start Date 19.01.2019 07:00
Individual Price 55,00€
We are no longer accepting registration for this tour